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Drone Threats

Terrorist and criminal exploitation of the rapidly evolving drone market is causing concern for security, safety, and privacy whilst highlighting significant weaknesses in traditional security measures

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Countering the Drone Risk

Drone Impact provide ground breaking, passive multi sensor airspace protection platforms that detect, classify, locate and mitigates drone threats

What We do

Drone Impact are a specialist drone detection and mitigation agency, specialising in providing best in class detection platforms and risk management support to clients in order to mitigate their rogue UAV issues.

Drone Incursion Risks

Attack Drones

Significant increases in the use of drones to deploy explosive devises have been seen in many conflict zones

Snooping & Hacking

A fast developing area is the use of drones for snooping or spoofing networks and for remote surveillance and espionage


Drones continue to be used to smuggle contraband into prisons, public events and other restricted areas

Airspace Safety

Considerable disruption to airports across the globe continue to be caused by the inappropriate use of drones in their airspace

92 Aircraft near miss incidents
50 Million drones by 2025
81% Believe an incident highly likely

Consider the Drone Risk Landscape

Low Barrier to Entry

Very easy access to drones and low skill required from pilot means an exceptionally easy route to undertaking criminal activity

Relative Low Risk

Legislation has not kept up to the pace of change in the UAV and drone market meaning low risk of intervention and prosecution

Low Protective Measures

Many organisations and enterprises have yet to include airspace protection in their risk planning. Every enterprise protected by a fence now requires and aerial equivalent.

Paradigm Shift

The paradigm shift for security planners is to take in the unprotected airspace above their enterprise and to ensure full situational awareness of their protected estate.

Our Services

Risk Reviews

Undertaking airspace incursion audits and threat planning assessments and to present issues to clients

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Specification and supply of temporary or permanent integrated detection platforms

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Drone Sentry

Provision of temporary systems and onsite response teams for events and high risk venues

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Support & Training

Supporting clients to understand their risks and implementation of robust response plans

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Our Approach

How Drone Impact can help you manage your airspace security risks

1. Protect

Implement a program of preventative and protective measures to ensure appropriate, proportionate and legal strategies are implemented.

2. Detect

Using state of the art long range RF sensors to monitor all drone movements within a clients protected airspace and to provide early warnings of detected incursions.

3. Identify

Leveraging "Drone DNA" database to identify detected drones and capture operating data. Database continually updated with latest drone model signatures.

4. Track

Enhanced video analytics and dedicated RF sensors combine to track drones in flight and triangulate drone pilot and controller positions.

5. Evidence

Dedicated software will ensure all relevant evidence in relation to drone incursions is captured and available for enforcement action as may be required.

6. Intervention

Implement passive and active measures to disrupt drone flights and to take appropriate enforcement action against drone pilots.

Our Solutions

Integrated Solutions

Drone Impact has conducted extensive research in the marketplace and have partnered with best in class solutions providers. Ensuring our clients have access to the most up to date, tested and widest deployed technology available.

Drone Tracking

Using state of the art RF and WiFi sensing equipment we are able to provide full long range detection of drones both in flight and in many cases when launching. Additional sensors allow us to track both drone and pilots during flight giving you the best possible chance to take corrective action.


The Drone Tracker web enabled software ensures real time situational awareness of all drone movements within your protected area and ensures all detection's by any sensor or integrated platform are fully recorded and easily presented as evidence.

Your Drone Defence Strategy

Have you considered your own airspace protection plan.


Are you aware of your airspace risks? Have you considered an Airspace Audit to help you understand your threats and plan your response?


Do you have a detection mechanism in place? Have you implemented preventative and protective measures to mitigate the risks identified?


Have you planned actions to undertake in the event of a drone threat? Are there sound policies in place for dealing with drone related incidents?

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